Snippet tag for filtering by multiple segments in Product/Product Event Snippet Tag


Currently, it is not possible to add more than one snippet for the segment parameter in the Product/Product Event Snippet Tag.

Customers Problem

Product categories have multiple subcategories. A one-time creation of segments that meet the condition of belonging to a given subcategory, combined with the ability to filter products in the snippet by many segments, would allow returning the right products.


Adding a snippet that allows you to create a text string based on the given values (text strings or references to the user's attribute values or objects assigned to it)


{% join_attrs 'attr1' 'attr3' as multiple_attrs %}

will return e.g. attr1_value|USA|attr2_value

in turn, the same attributes in the same snippet, but with the sep parameter equal to e.g. ";" :

{% join_attrs 'attr1' 'attr3' sep=';' as multiple_attrs %}

will return attr1_value;Poland;attr2_value

  • Add sep parameter, which is not required, thanks to which it would be possible to select a separator separating the above values
    (default value | )

    • for the join_attrs tag snippet above

    • for a product snippet tag

    • for product event snippet tag

  • Extending the segment parameter with the possibility of accepting many values given as a text string separated by a default separator.

    • Multiple values for the segment parameter would be possible only when the sep parameter was specified in the snippet (otherwise the parameter value would be assumed as the name of one segment).

    • The change would apply:

      • product snippet tag

      • product event snippet tag

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🧩 Feature Request

Jun 29, 2023

About 1 year ago


Grzegorz Kacperski

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