error reporting email metrics within campaigns


campaign metrics reported within campaigns, namely open and click rates can be inflated due to the well known issue of bots, apple privacy, email security software etc

the issue
As emails are often opened and clicked - not by the member but by applications and tools the metrics reported can be considerably higher than they should be.

Possible solution
we are aware of the difficulty and complexity of working with email sending but we have seen that other platforms have created features to try and distinguish clicks and open rates which are outside of a normal pattern for email delivery, example being -

this thread details the issue we have and some steps that hubspot have made to help reduce these inflated numbers from being added to the final metrics
the solution mentions "The new tools take a behavioral-based approach. We look for patterns in the open or click events that indicate a likelihood of being generated from a bot.Β Β " and this is something that could be put in place, probably at the SMTP level, rather than the app level

heres some info that another SMTP delivery platform is taking to address this,

other examples,improve%20your%20email%20metric%20reporting.

From researching their does seem to be a number of possible solutions to identify bot like activity with email campaigns sent

this could be a setting that can be turned on/off within the app - if turned on the campaign could show both values of clicks and opens

Opened; 98 (with bot guard 56)

We believe this could be a good feature request - many other providers have addressed this issue, looking at the forum on hubspot it was a big issue for clients, and these stats are such an important metric to determine the success of the campaign and the strategy of email marketing in general

a specific update to also help address this issue could be the placement of a hidden link contained within the DEMs sent from, (not added in the template, but sent in the email) if this link is clicked it is likely a bot, so could also be used to help with analysis of possible bots

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Nick Wale

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